Saturday, July 30, 2005

Akufen "My Way - (Data 80 Remix)"

Well, I'm still sick. So that explains why the writing is anemic....the English I mean. Not that you care. And you shouldn't. Good. We agree.

It seems that everyday, someone discovers Akufen's (Marc Leclair) 2002 album, "My Way". It is an absolute classic that often makes people go crazy. The world of whorehouse and microhouse is completely opened up. Glorious.

So, I will assume that you know Akufen's normal style when I present Data 80's remix of the title track for the 2003 CD "Digital Disco". That's right, this is Akufen turned disco. Or something like that.

Ewww... So, um, how is it?

The prolific HÃ¥kan Lidbo (Data 80 - he has only produced a couple of tracks under this moniker) has basically taken disco and trance (yes, trance) signatures (think high pitches and elongated synth lines) while maintaining a microhouse core (yes that was a lot of parenthases. I'm sick and lazy). It's interesting and not too shabby.

Oh yes, the album cover is horrible, so I'll save your eyes.

"My Way (Data 80 Remix)" - Akufen on the albume Digital Disco 2 - 192 kbps
discogs - Akufen
discogs - Data 80


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ich bin Kayo.
Nobody excepts you can teach me so much of House etc. It's cool!
Keep it up!!!

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